Marketing Automation avoiding the hangover

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Let's be honest marketing automation is a buzzword. It is also for this reason that it must be used wisely. Marketing automation consists in automating some of your marketing operations - in particular repetitive actions - while improving their efficiency. It allows you to have a very targeted communication by saving your marketing resources. The right message, to the right person, at the right time... automatically! The power of marketing automation Automation allows you to create as many campaigns as personas or segments without having to repeat all the actions necessary for the operational implementation of your marketing.

In the same way marketing automation allows you to refine your targeting to reach your prospects in an individualized way according to their commitment to your purchase Country Email List journey. It is no longer a question of sending the same message to a lead (I invite you to read our definition of a lead) in the discovery phase than to another who is looking for more elements of decision. Automation can act as a real lever on your marketing and allow you to achieve results that you will not have achieved without. That being said, marketing automation is also not a liquor that will boost your marketing power in 1 sip.

A marketing automation operation accompanied by the most powerful software on the market would not be able to establish the bases of your marketing. Who are my prospects? What are their paths to purchase? How long is my sales cycle? Who are the people who influence my clients? How do my prospects get information? What are the social networks where I can find them? Does my market show seasonality? Is my pricing policy consistent with market expectations? What are the alternatives to my offer? ... in short, the list is still long and you should have a clear answer to each of these questions before considering marketing automation. In fact, do not confuse marketing automation operation and marketing strategy, of which automation is only one brick.