Google advocates Progressive Web Apps

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On June 1 during the SMX in Paris during the conference on new Search models given consultants Virginie Clève and Philippe Colombet Head of EMEA Strategic Relationship for News & Publishers at Google discussed the subject of the difficulty of navigation caused by the very long list of tags and the overloaded image weight. The observation on the limit of websites and apps is beautiful and well seen. Moreover, mobile websites are not very efficient. Bugs always hide in crowded pages and for apps, downloading sometimes takes a long time. From AMP to Progressive Web Apps.

Faced with such difficulties Google has set up AMP this very light format which is displayed quickly on Smartphones by means of an engine cache. Many media opt for this format which allows better visibility on mobile phones. On e-commerce sites, on the other hand, this format Country Email List can obstruct traffic, hence the non-management of payments. Virginie Clève asserts that "AMP only works for content pages". Following AMP, Google established the Progressive Web Apps (PWA) to solve the problem. In short, he wants to recover the privileges of websites and apps. Its particularity lies in its ability to be used without going through an Internet connection, during navigation.

Virginie Clève also announced that There is everything you can love about apps in PWAs but with lower development and marketing costs". Philippe Colombet added that "To improve the web on mobile, AMP goes one part of the way, and PWA does another", meaning that PWAs are considered websites. The AMP/PWA merger It is also possible to add the two formats in a PWAMP form, introduce the AMP in a PWA. According to Virginie Clève , this alliance is good news for online merchants, because "AMP and PWA are made to work together: AMP hands over to PWA for everything it cannot manage". For her, having a PWAMP version and a desktop version proves to be an ideal solution especially for mobile data users.